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Real stories to immerse yourself in the model and get inspired

Each story has it's own acceleration model 

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Reduce delivery times to meet real-time demands

The Darwin 4.0 Project

The finding

Customer requests are becoming more volatile and instantaneous every day . L'Oréal and the cosmetics industry have become aware of the impact of these behavioral changes on their entire organization, in particular on the supply chain: it is necessary to transform work habits and processes to adapt them to these new contexts and challenges.

L'Oréal Operations came to Saegus with a challenge:
how to find plug & play solutions to streamline the supply chain between L'Oréal factories and their packaging partners?

Concretely, how was the AIM model applied?

The implementation of the AIM model applied to this Supply Chain problem was done in 4 main stages

Engage: Identify a common goal and encourage collaboration

Discover: Understand the reality on the ground and identify areas of impact 

Explore: Co-create high-impact innovative solutions

Prototype & test: make solutions tangible and test them with end users

Some numbers


factory immersions in 5 countries


c-created solutions by 30 participants during 2 days of ideation


strategic packaging suppliers involved as well as 3 L'Oréal divisions engaged


projects created including 3 quick wins in development

Un projet pilote avec Pontoon

Improving the digital experience of housing caretakers

The story of the Mobility Guardians project

Paris Habitat, a major player in local Parisian life

Paris Habitat is a key player in social housing in Paris and the inner suburbs. Its missions are to build, house, rehabilitate, allocate housing or even ensure a local living environment. To work on these subjects Paris Habitat launched a few years ago an innovation approach based on 3 main points: Explore, Accelerate and Transform. As part of this approach, one player is considered a priority: the guards. They are the first interlocutors on the ground with the tenants. Their daily missions: assistance to tenants including vulnerable people (elderly, disabled), administrative management, reporting, security and site maintenance. It is essential that they are well equipped and integrated into this innovation process. 

The need: to optimize the day-to-day life of goalkeepers 

A few years ago, Paris Habitat set up a tool to digitize the daily life of caretakers. But this tool is received in a mixed way due to many technical problems and limited use. How to find a solution in line with the needs of its more than 1100 guards and which would offer them an optimal experience in their tasks carried out on the move?

The meeting, 2 years ago

It is in this context that the meeting took place,  2 years ago, between Saegus and Paris Habitat. Challenges ? 
Put the caretaker at the heart of the process: understand the existing tool initially deployed by Paris Habitat, the processes and human interactions already in place in order to co-create on high-impact solutions to identify the implementation of “quick win” actions
While taking into account current and future challenges: integrating the challenges of Paris Habitat as a major lessor: the current and future role of actors, CSR, territorial anchoring, digital transformation and the agilization of the framework of work, the harmonization of business processes and the choice of relevant tools…. and ensure that the expectations of all key players are met.

Concretely, how was the AIM model applied?

We accompanied Paris Habitat on the three key phases of the AIM model: 
Design: a strategic Design Thinking framework in the field to understand the daily experience of guardians and their stakeholders, and co-creation of desirable and viable solutions over time
  prototyping and testing aimed at improving the solution then development and deployment of the new solution to +1000 guards with a personalized and fun adoption plan allowing the good reception of the new tool used
Scale: scaling up and management of 6 projects thanks to the establishment of regular bodies and the monitoring of KPIS. The key: good coordination, communication and team cohesion!




interviews with guards and other stakeholders

co-creation workshops around the new guardian solution

guardians affected by this new solution


projects piloted under PMO governance


co-created solutions


high definition prototypes tested by end users

Some numbers

Le projet DarWin 4.0
Le projet Mobilité Gardiens
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Saegus developed the AIM model. To share your feedback or remarks with us, send us an email . or join our accelerator community .
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