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Transforming business processes impacted by a new regulation


The eCSAR project


A new Chinese regulation CSAR (Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation) has been defined and imposes new constraints in terms of traceability and regulations on the import of cosmetic products. This new regulation poses new challenges to L'Oréal's regulatory department, which manages the import of new cosmetic products on a daily basis and must evolve its processes, tools and data management. 

In this context, it is essential for L'Oréal to react quickly and to be able to measure the impact of this new regulation on both business processes and data, and to identify and prioritize what needs to be changed as a priority compared to the current process.

To respond to this major transformation challenge, we co-constructed and implemented a tactical plan in a few months that allowed us to carry out an accelerated scoping exercise and imagine a target solution.

The application of the AIM model


Identify and map data

Prioritize business needs

Build the roadmap for the realization of the target solution

Co-create and prototype the target solution in collaboration with stakeholders

Map business processes and tools

Identify stakeholders and align them with the transformation challenges

Some numbers


Workshops to imagine the new solution


Prototypes tested by target users


Entities involved


Mapped data

And concretely, what was the impact?

Gardiend e logement - Avant Après-13.png



Logo histoire gardien-14.png
Logo histoire gardien-14.png
Complete mapping of the cosmetics management process, facilitating the acceleration of transformation projects.

Co-creation of solutions to improve the prioritized processes with the different stakeholders.

Sharing a prototype with stakeholders to engage them in the co-created solution.

Quickly change work and data management habits.

Prioritize the tools, uses and actions that need to evolve as quickly as possible.

Transform the user experience so that it meets regulatory constraints and operational expectations.

Logo histoire gardien-14.png
Logo histoire gardien-14.png
Logo histoire gardien-14.png
Logo histoire gardien-14.png

Tools and materials created for greater impact

Data mapping.PNG

Data mapping

Maquette eCSAR.PNG

Interactive model of the target solution

Process mapping.png

Process mapping

Stakeholder map.png

Stakeholder mapping


The stakes were high and the time constraints were great! An accelerated AIM approach that allowed us to analyze the existing situation in 2 weeks to quickly project a target to be reached and the levers to be activated in terms of business processes but also data. The challenge was also to get all the stakeholders to converge on the vision and the target to be reached: a real challenge! Real synergies were created between the AIM, design and data experts: a great experience.

Chloe, Saegus consultant


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Saegus developed the AIM model. To share your feedback or remarks with us, send us an email or join our accelerator community.
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