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Banière sources d'inspiration_Plan de tr
Banière sources d'inspiration_Plan de tr

Experts, organizations, philosophers...
find all those who inspire us

Our sources of inspiration

Banière sources d'inspiration_Plan de tr
Banière sources d'inspiration_Plan de tr
Banière sources d'inspiration_Plan de tr
Banière sources d'inspiration_Plan de tr
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Our first  source of inspiration :
those with whom we work on a daily basis

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The AIM model is above all the result of numerous meetings, interactions and collaborations with individuals from various backgrounds and expertise. Our first source of inspiration is all of you. We particularly mention Valérie Faillat, Stéphanie Vougier, Jan Liska, Dr. Amy Fall-Ndao, Dr Seynabou Ndiaye, Cheikh Mbaye, Abou Khaly Mbodj, Anta Thiam, Mamadou Ciss, Ndiambé Sylla, Malik Faye, Maodo Diagne, Dienaba Ndiaye, Issa Kouyaté, Guillaume Martin, Philippe Rouxel, Adélaïde Levassor, Vincent Angeloni, Julien Blanchet and all of you whom we met during the various immersions. You are the heart and pillars of the AIM model.

The user-centric approach

These individuals are, among other things, the end users who co-build solutions alongside us to solve their daily problems.
From understanding the complex environment to deploying and managing projects/programs, users are listened to and engaged for maximum impact. Design
Thinking  (in French “design spirit”) is a human-centered approach that inspired the AIM model. Based on 3 pillars, desirability - feasibility - viability, it

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aims to provide solutions to complex problems by taking into account the experience of users. 

Tim Brown (through his company, IDEO) and Don Norman, great names in Design Thinking, have participated in the democratization and dissemination of this approach.
Les méthodologies
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Essential innovation methodologies 

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The Agile philosophy strongly inspired the AIM model: the freedom to move forward step by step, adaptation, the ability to iterate and quickly test solutions, but also the  communication and stakeholder engagement, monitoring of impact indicators, etc.

By associating the Lean Startup mindset ("think big, start small, learn fast"), we allow ourselves to quickly test 
solutions and  get quick feedback to challenge and refine them. Finally, the Kanban makes it possible to add a visual dimension to the organization set up for iterations and progress measured, transparent and shared between all the actors. 
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Les personnalités

Experts and trends

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Esther Duflo and Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee (Nobel Prize in Economics in 2019) apply a scientific approach inspired by clinical trials to evaluate, measure and compare development policies with regard to their cost and effectiveness. One of the great innovations of their method is to have "control" groups in order to  test the effectiveness of  responses provided, by working with locally established associations and NGOs.

Real methodological anchoring of the model, the random experiments allow to set up, to experiment, to evaluate and to scale up relevant solutions to solve local problems.

Random experiments

Frugal innovation (or Jugaad is an approach aimed at providing the simplest and most effective possible response to a problem using the minimum possible resources.

This approach inspires us in a world where certain resources are becoming scarce. It challenges us to produce better with less for a stronger environmental and social impact. 

Frugal innovation

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Saegus developed the AIM model. To share your feedback or remarks with us, send us an email or join our accelerator community.
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