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Make the Supply Chain more agile to respond in real time to consumer demands

The Darwin 4.0 Project

The finding

Customer requests are becoming more volatile and instantaneous every day . L'Oréal and the cosmetics industry have become aware of the impact of these behavioral changes on their entire organization, particulary on the supply chain: it is necessary to transform work habits and processes to adapt them to these new contexts and challenges. 

L'Oréal Operations approached Saegus with a challenge: How to streamline the supply chain between L'Oréal factories and their packaging partners thanks to "plug & play" solutions?
Concretely, how was the AIM model applied?

Identify a common objective for L'Oréal factories and partners and encourage collaboration from the start of the project

Understand the reality on the ground by immersing the different factories and identify impact areas by retracing the experiences of key players

Co-create high-impact innovative solutions by involving stakeholders, group them into projects prioritized by desirability, feasibility and viability

Make the jointly created solutions tangible, experiment them directly with end users, improve them and readapt them in stride

Some numbers


factory immersions in 5 countries


strategic packaging suppliers involved as well as 3 L'Oréal divisions engaged


solutions co-created by 30 participants during 2 days of ideation


projects created including 3 quick-wins in development

Let yourself be tempted by other stories

Saegus developed the AIM model. To share your feedback or remarks with us, send us an email or join our accelerator community.
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