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Improve the experience
of managers looking for new talent

A pilot project with Pontoon

49% of tech recruiters believe it's harder to fill skilled tech roles than 2 years ago. 
The problem: an overload of team work during this long recruitment process.

The Pontoon company, whose end customers are these manager-recruiters, has set up a pilot project to support them. The objective: to understand the feelings and needs of these managers in order to improve their experience.


Pontoon thus launched a comparative pilot with 2 of its customers, Capital One and Emirates, which took place in 2 stages:
1 - An immersion phase
Focused on discovering, understanding and synthesizing the experience of hiring managers.

2 - A phase of co-creation 
  these discoveries to take a step back and find appropriate solutions with and for recruiting managers.

Some numbers


Hours of interviews with a representative panel of managers and Pontoonians


Solutions identified


Solutions co-creation workshops with employees of  Emirates (Dubai) and Capital one (USA)


Pitched projects

Tools and materials created for greater impact

Cartouches Histoires-08.png
Cartouches Histoires-10.png
Cartouches Histoires-05.png
Livre site AIM Histoires-15-15.png

2 stakeholder maps

83 digital empathy cards

Livre site AIM Histoires-15-15.png

152 solutions prioritized by desirability

Livre site AIM Histoires-15-15.png

2 experience maps

Cartouches Histoires-07.png
Livre site AIM Histoires-15-15.png

6 personas

Cartouches Histoires-09.png
Livre site AIM Histoires-15-15.png

83 digital empathy cards

Cartouches Histoires-11.png
Livre site AIM Histoires-15-15.png

Transformed into 9 actionable projects


I liked the opportunity to co-create potential changes/solutions to the painpoints we identified WITH our customers.  (“ I enjoyed co-creating solutions to solve potential irritants that we identified WITH our customers. ”)

Gary M., Supply Chain Director, Capital One.


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Saegus developed the AIM model. To share your feedback or remarks with us, send us an email or join our accelerator community.
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