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Improving the work experience of caretakers

The story of the Mobility Guardians project

Paris Habitat, a major player in local Parisian life

Paris Habitat is a key player in social housing in Paris and the inner suburbs. Its missions are to build, house, rehabilitate, allocate housing or even ensure a pleasant local living environment. To work on these subjects, Paris Habitat has launched an innovation approach centered on a player deemed to be a priority: building superintendents. First
  contacting tenants, they provide day-to-day assistance to tenants - including vulnerable people (elderly, disabled, etc.) - administrative management, reporting, security and site maintenance. It therefore seemed essential to properly equip them and integrate them into this innovation process. 

The need : to optimize the day-to-day life of goalkeepers 

A few years ago, Paris Habitat set up a tool to digitize the daily life of caretakers. However, this tool has had a mixed reception due to numerous technical problems and limited use by goalkeepers. So, how to find a solution in line with the needs of more than 1,100 guards that would help them on a daily basis in the successful performance of their various missions?


The application of the AIM model

Formation et acculturation 

Création d’un parcours de formation de 3 niveaux pour acculturer à l’agile et former au rôle de Product Owner. 

3 niveaux de formation
120 collaborateurs acculturés à l’agile 
29 Product Owner formés

Septembre 2020 

Coaching et accompagnement des Product Owners dans la gestion de leur produit

  • Accompagnement des Product Owners via un coaching personnalisé sur plusieurs mois jusqu’à leur au

  • Cadrage des produits (interviews, personas, Product Vision board…)

  • Création et gestion de Product Backlog 

  • Définition de Gouvernance Agile 

  • Animation des instances 

  • Mise en place des outils adéquats (Jira)

  • Transparence et collaboration accrue

Janvier 2021 – avril 2022


Décembre 2020

Sélection des produits pilotes

Identification des produits pilotes et Product Owners à coacher. Définition de plan de coaching type et adaptation pour chaque produit. 

12  Product Owners pilotes
14 produits pilotes
1 template de plan de coaching à personnaliser

And concretely, what was the impact?



Group 31.png



Logo histoire gardien-14_edited.png
Logo histoire gardien-14_edited.png
An initial tool received with mixed feelings: noticeable loss of efficiency for goalkeepers linked to numerous technical problems. 

A heterogeneous level of digital maturity: need for significant support

An internal organization to be developed to adapt it to the challenges of tomorrow: bringing business and IT closer together, poor knowledge of Agile methods

Logo histoire gardien-14_edited.png
1 strategic framing on the ground to understand the existing situation and determine what could make the new solution desirable for the guards

60 solutions co-created with and for goalkeepers
4 prototypes created
1 application suite developed

1 personalized and fun adoption plan allowing the good reception of this new tool by the 1100 guards

1 new organization and internal governance . Her values :
  agility, collective intelligence and team cohesion


The Paris Habitat experience was enriching and human. I am delighted to have been able to accompany Paris Habitat from the idea to the design to the deployment of the new guardian tool. I discovered new professions such as the profession of caretaker with the aim of improving his daily life and his use of digital tools. Great successes! 

carré blanc.png

Outils agiles (impact map, story map, ...) 

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